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What are the side effects associated with tooth whitening?

Side effects associated with tooth whitening that appear most frequently are tooth hypersensitivity and gum discomfort, both rapidly reversible with discontinuation of treatment.

Using products with inadequate concentrations or their misuse can lead to the onset of more severe and prolonged impairment.

There are contraindications to performing a tooth whitening?

No. Generally anyone with good oral health can be subject to a tooth whitening.

There are, however, some situations where it may be pre-treatments such as required in the case of dental hypersensitivity or even dental caries.

Holders of restorations should also be aware that, at the end of tooth whitening replacement of restorations may be necessary in order to harmonize the tooth shade, to the extent that the tooth whitening products do not interfere with the color of the materials that compose them .

The tooth whitening is safe and effective?

There are numerous methods available in the market and tooth whitening products that, when selected and used properly, would achieve safe and effective results.

It is not advised to use tooth whitening products OTC, for example, available in pharmacies, supermarkets, since there is no certification and quality control thereof.