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They are small pieces of titanium that act as "artificial roots" are used to replace missing or lost teeth in order to support a crown and / or prosthesis.

How binds an implant to the bone?

The implants provide, once placed in contact with the bone, a biological union therewith, perfectly healthy and stable.

Are always the best solution when missing a tooth?

The implants should be considered as an alternative treatment to replace missing teeth. But there are other options such as removable or fixed prostheses. However, implants are usually the treatment option that allows an oral rehabilitation that is closest to the natural dentition in physiological terms and comfort.

And when missing several teeth or even all?

Likewise when a tooth missing there are other alternatives, implants, depending on the case, is always an alternative treatment more comfortable for the patient.

Can implants fail?

There are several long-term studies that prove the effectiveness of implant treatment in the order of 90% to 98% in patients with good oral and systemic health. Naturally, like other doctors and medical-dental treatments depend on several factors such as the anatomical and physiological characteristics of patients, their oral hygiene habits, smoking habits, among others.

What complications can occur during treatment?

During surgery complications are infrequent and easily avoidable when performing a complete study of their clinical case through the use of diagnostic aids as are radiographs and computerized tomography.

How long do the implants? Are for life?

With the latest technological advances is expected that the durability of the implants more than 15 years, and always make consultations control 6 in six months to be observed (a).

Even though some general health problems, I have implants?

Depends on your problem, implant treatment can be performed in most people, but may be subject to a specific planning. If you are taking any medication, you should always inform our team in order to know whether or not there is need for a change to the medication before implant placement

Dental implants are no more than artificial tooth roots so as to provide a solid base on which fixed crowns or prosthesis is fixed.