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  • The tooth whitening it is a technique that, without damaging the tooth or wear makes it more clear, all this due to oxidation of the pigments of the teeth, whereby the agent / bleaching gel enters the tooth surface
  • The restorative dentistry is a way to make the tooth damaged by decay back to its regular shape and function. When the dentist makes the restaurant, he first removes the portion of the tooth That Is Deteriorated, cleans
  • When I place a crown (fixed prosthesis)? A tooth should be restored with a crown whenever the remaining tooth structure is weakened. Whenever the dental piece lose a substantial part of its structure. What could happen if the
  • They are small pieces of titanium that act as "artificial roots" are used to replace missing or lost teeth in order to support a crown and / or prosthesis.
  • In situations where the tooth is much destroyed by tooth decay, fractures, trauma or excessive wear and in which there is involvement of the pulp (tissue containing the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth), it is necessary
  • Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry concerned with the study, prevention and treatment of problems of growth, development and maturation of the face, dental arches and occlusion, ie dentofacial disorders.
  • The Prosthodontics is the specialty of dentistry led to the restoration and maintenance of the functions of the maxillo-mandibular complex, including chewing, phonetic and aesthetic level.
  • The Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the periodontium, ie, the set of tissues that include beyond the gums, bone and periodontal ligament, responsible for maintaining the firmness
  • The Oral Surgery is the specialty of dentistry dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders, diseases and injuries of the oral cavity and associated structures.